All Soul’s Day

Growing up without a father is a struggle for me. It’s always the feeling of “something is missing”, until now that I already have four kids, who had started growing up without a father just like me. Though it’s a different story from mine. I lost my father, not because of death but because he wanted to get lost and have another family compared to to the father of my kids, who just died because of cancer three years ago.

Today, as we remember and celebrate the All Souls’Day, we also remember all of our loved ones who were not with us anymore, and that made me think of these children from this charity foundation that we are putting up for the benefit of those children who had lost both their parents at an early age.

If I still feel that something’s missing in my life until today, I’ve been thinking– how much more would it affect those orphans who had lost not just one of their parents but both of their parents. What will be the kind of life that awaits them? When I was getting on my adulthood period, every bad single thing that happens to me at that time is always because of not having my father around, putting all the blames to my parents for every mistake I did, became so hard-hearted teenager and exploring new things was my specialty– how about these orphans? who will take the blame from getting into that kind of situation?

Putting up a charity foundation or even just a simple interest never got into my mind, not until a month ago, after meeting up a new colleague from my friend-boss named Scott Martin. He is US-Based Missionary. I work for him as his Personal VA. One of the projects he has was about an orphanage in Kisumu, Kenya. I was requested to handle the media accounts for this foundation, and that includes communicating with Carol Awuory, the founder of this foundation to assist her in whatever documents or requirements for registration process that needs to be done.

From the first day, after another day, until today, I and Carol unexpectedly got this nice connection, which I can label as being friends. Knowing her story in life made out a compassion from deep with me, which I wasn’t aware. It made me stop and think about those orphans we have on the list, what if? there’s no orphanage built and established specialty for minor children, what will happen to them?  What if? there’s nobody to help them? and more “what if’s”.

You should not put the blame on others of whatever results you will get from the wrong decisions you had made…


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