Caren Awour

Is a very proud single mother of her two beautiful daughters and son. They have always been her inspiration after many years of struggles and trial she had been through in life.

Like many mothers, Caren always thought of those children she has seen and helped for the past years, seeing herself when she was at their age. They gave them a reason to put up this foundation for them to be able to have a better life and a safe haven as they grow up.

Everytime that she will write down on a piece of paper, the story of her life, she never had the courage to finish it because all the pains of the past refreshing in her thoughts was never easy. Caren Awoury, the seventh from the ten daughters of Gladys and George is one of the four children left alive in their family. Gladys died in 1982 at the age of 32 because of kidney failure, while George died in 1995 because of diabetes.  Caren has nine sisters that made them a total of 10 daughters of Gladys & George. Life was never easy for her, growing up without both her parents & with the loss of some of her sisters because of some illness and disease. It was her great courage and with the Lord’s great and caring hands that she had survived all of the tragedies that passed through her.

Knowing more about her & her story is exciting & full of life lessons. As days go by, we can see her story page by page with a book to be launched soon on Amazon. A part of the book-selling will be for the benefit of the children of this foundation. We are looking forward to your support.


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